About Me

Hi, I'm Kenia!

I have a master's degree in mass communication — with a specialization in web design and online communication — from the University of Florida and a degree in English from Florida State University.

For the past year, I have worked at a SEIU Healthcare 1199NW, a union of healthcare and service workers in Washington state, where I have been able to renew my commitment to social justice and progressive values.

Before that, I worked at a statewide agency in Tallahassee for ten years. There, I had the chance to hone a wide range of skills — from basic phone etiquette and press release crafting, to website content management and development of strategic communication campaigns. My skills in content strategy include user experience research and design.

I'm a problem spotter and a problem solver. I’m an editor, a writer, a communicator and a budding designer; I love learning new things, reading good books and drinking good tea.